Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 5th 2008 - Pradosham, Sravana Vratham

SravaNam or Thiruvonam is the nakshathram associated with Lord Vishnu. Hence, it has highly auspicious overtones . Sravanam is celebrated particularly in Uppiliappan Koil and Thirumalai ( and all other Venkatesa temples .Many Vishnu devotees observe Upavasam and do not consume any food and send a significant portion of the day reflecting on the glories of Lord Vishnu. Sravana Vratham and associated fasting is not as mandatory as the observance of Ekadasi Fasting and Dhvadasi breaking of fast . On SravaNam day , there is a huge assembly of devotees at Uppiliappan Sannidhi and Sravana dheepam is lit and carried around the temple premises .

Significance of Pradosham:
Lord Shiva performed the sandhyanritya or evening dance, appearing between the horns of his vehicle, the Nandi (bull). On this occasion, it is said that Saraswati played Veena; Indra the flute, Vishnu the mridangam and Brahma kept tala or beat to Lakshmi’s singing –a truly divine ensemble. The time span between 4:30 and 6:00 in the evening of trayodashi both during the waxing and waning phases of the moon when he performed this divine tandava dance came to be sanctified as the PRADOSHAM.As the name indicates, devotees who worship Lord Shiva during the Pradosham hours, get rid of all their "doshams" committed either knowingly or unknowingly or those committed in their previous birth.It is also said that during pradosham, ALL the devas are present to witness the incident, and hence devotees thronging to the temple to get a darshan of Lord Shiva also get the blessings of whom we call the mupathimukodi devas.

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