Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Introduction to the Daily Hinduism Blog

In this fast paced world, we have hardly anytime for our Culture, Religion and Religious practices. We the current younger generation, do not know the signifcance of the different days of our Hindu Calendar and what we are supposed to follow and how. When we were at home, our moms used to take care of everything and all that we needed to do was be present at the time of the aarathi. But now, most of us are away from our parents. We feel that we dont have the time ot do anything and we are slowly letting our rich culture, tradition and festivals fade away. At this rate, we will not be passing on anything to our future generations. That is a really sad situation to be in, as our culture and religion are our only rich identities.

I created this blog, so that we know the significances of almost everyday of the year and what we are supposed to follow as rituals. Most of them are very simple. Please be aware that it is not necessary for us to follow all that is required of us, but I guess we can try our best and do whatever we can to keep the age old religious practices alive and give great benefits to all of us.
Believe me, every hindu ritual has got a scientific reason behind it and it will be really beneficial for us to follow them and gain good health, wealth, prosperity and spiritual elevation.

It is a learning process for me as well, and hence please feel free to add our comments/corrections.


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