Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 20th 2008 - Pournami Vratham

On the 20th of February is Pournami Vratham.
The pournami vrathams during the months of Adi, Karthigai, Vaigasi and Maasi are supposed to be special.

The ideal time to wake up, take bath and offer prayers according to hinduism is during Brahma muhurtham(4:00-6:00 a.m).

Significance of Brahma Muhurtham:

A period of the day is called by the ancient Rishis as the “Hour of Brahman” -- Brahma muhurtha. In the early hours of the morning sandhya, the sky emits a pale bluish light or halo in the east. These Bluish rays coming from the east contain subtle awakening magnetism, which affects the brain. These dawn rays of a bluish hue have also got a soothing effect on the body. Also, the morning air is fully charged with Prana or vital energy. This living electricity is what the body cells require for sustaining good health. This Prana is what the Yogi requires for charging his six Yogic centers during the Sandhya Vandana of Gayathri.

The hour of Brahman is specially selected for Gayathri worship since at that hour the air is heavily charged with Prana and also the Sun's awakening rays of an electric blue radiate from the east before the physical Sun emerges form the horizon.

What we should do:

Even if we are not able to follow it everyday, due to our lifestyle, atleast during this day on the special months mentioned above, it is recommended that we wake up and finish bathing before 6:00 a.m, to get the full grace of God, with sincere early morning prayer.

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