Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 17th 2008 - Vijaya Ekadasi Vratham

Ekadasi Vratham is considered to be one of the greatest Vrathams, and Vijaya Ekadasi Vratham is considered to be the most supreme. Those who observe a fast on this day and pray sincerely will get "Vijaya" or victory in all that they do.

Greatness of Ekadasi Vratham:

There is no equivalent mantram than Gayathri, there is no equivalent theertham than Kasi and finally, there is no Vratham greater than this Ekadasi Vratham.

The main aspect of this Ekadasi Vratham is for self control (i.e.) focusing our entire soul towards Sriman Narayanan. And for an every Hindu, this Vratham is one of the best viradham that he/she should follow and this is said to be the best way to pass through the doors of Sri Vaikundam to get the Dharshan of Sri Vishnu.

"Ekam" means one and "Dhasam" means ten. This Ekadasi comes on the 11th day and this day is said to be one of the luckiest and good day to follow.

Since, the 11th day is for the Dharma devathai, it is said that one who follow this Viradham will attain the Moksha and if all the persons follow this Vratham, the entire world will become happy surrounded by good thoughts and actions.

So the best results are obtained when we fast on that day. If you are not able to, then you can pray sincerely to Lord Vishnu.

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